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Av Christian - 27 juni 2010 18:51

and waking up next

to you, painted in moonlight

and shadows; at ease

Av Christian - 24 juni 2010 15:55

Det var ett missförstånd, jag kan förklara!

2005 gjorde jag och Anna ett återbesök på Hultsfredsfestivalen för att se Nine Inch Nails, och på väg hem mot tälten någon av kvällarna går vi förbi ett camp där man, som i de flesta andra, har en havtaskig bandare med musik.

Anna stannar till och utbrister någonting i stil med "Sjöng han verkligen I wish I was an ogre?!"  Nej, det gjorde han dessvärre inte, men just den raden fastnade i huvudet på mig, och min musa attackerade mig senare under natten, vilket resulterade i denna inte på något sätt seriösa monstrositet.

Så här 5 år senare blev jag dock tvungen att ändra några rader för att inte totalkrossa allt vad grammatik heter.. sorry, Anna.


I was a mighty ogre
and you a little gnome;
I chased you through the forest
and took you to my home

deep inside the mountain
so far beneath the earth
I had you be my little slave
to cook and clean the hearth

to wash my dirty laundry
to vacuum, iron, sew
 - you started as a helpless toy
the suddenly I knew;

You were to me quite lovely
as your beady eyes met mine
I felt just like some horrid troll
and you, you were so fine

"I love you" that was what I said,
"my gorgeous, grey-green gnome,
whom I chased through the forest
and captured in my home"

From the finger of a corpse I took
this ring I give to you;
I pray you will accept it
and say "I love you too"

You took the ring and you said
in your trembling gnomish voice
"As you´re five times the size of me
it seem I have no choice"

"I take the ring but beg of you
be gentle, there´s a risk, you see
that as we face out wedding night
it will be the end of me...

Av Christian - 23 juni 2010 15:18

[ Är lite osäker på om jag visat den här innan, men när nu Sommarsolståndet precis passerat och det -verkligen- borde vara dags attt avsluta vad som var menat att bli en ballad på minst 10 verser, så lägger jag upp den igen. Fortsättning följer]
I walked in the mists of the evening
watched the moon rise on Mindsummer Eve
And through the hills, the old forests and meadows,
I danced with the Daonie Sidhe

I saw Amadan-na-Briona
king of the Unseelie court of the Faë
The golden and glorious -dangerous- fool
and his consort the Queen of the May

They were beings of Light and of Darkness
and they wove in their magic bright
a tale of Arcadia both wondrous and sad
and they sang it for me that night;

Av Christian - 21 juni 2010 16:42

And I would

And I would
and I would play as Nero did
among the flames of of Rome
to see that look
upon Your face
one more time

And I would
and I would leave in ashes
All the holy books
erase every word
if it was not a word
that had passed softly
over Your lips

And I would
and I would desecrate the tombs
of every saint and king;
every man of woman born
leave their names forgotten
because, just because
they were not You

And I would
and I would raze all the forests
uproot each single tree
in jealousy, to stop
them growing tall and proud
as I can not
without You.

Av Christian - 16 januari 2010 13:46

Digger: "I am unclean! I practically wallow in my own filth. Dung beetles wouldn't touch me, I'm depraved and unclean and I smell funny!
I'd hate to think what would happen to any creature that tried to eat me. I'd imagine it'd be quite the defiling experience!"
Grim Eyes: "Nice try, earth-rat, but we generally find that death is the ultimate purifier. Enough stalling, kill them!"

Av Christian - 13 januari 2010 14:09

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Av Christian - 31 december 2009 13:53

Maybe I really did steal your heart too

but I´m such a perfect criminal

that you never noticed

Av Christian - 12 december 2009 13:54

December; Birth of

Mithras stolen. Ursurped by

undead carpenter

(Okey, okey.. jag orkade helt enkelt inte vara seriöst poetisk in i det sista. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa...)

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