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Av Christian - 4 november 2009 19:21

November; First days

of winter. The air at night

bears a taste of blood

Av Christian - 31 oktober 2009 15:50

Let the fires burn bright
on this night of Samhain
Let our beloved dead
now return home again

Let them know we remember
that death´s not the end
It is but one more journey
so let´s not pretend

that we grieve for the passed ones
who went on before
No, we grieve for ourselves
now and forever more

For to live in this world
 - a true vale of tears
makes you give up all hope
and surrender to your fears

But! Until the sun rises
on Novembers first morn
remember; though lonely
your are never forlorn

So let the fires burn bright
guiding souls home again;
so our beloved dead
may return on Samhain.

( )

Av Christian - 17 oktober 2009 17:35

Halloween närmar sig med stormsteg, därav denna nödrimmande och inte på något sätt seriösa monstrositet.

Och till dig som trodde att jag inte skulle hitta verser från mitt förra inlägg på din Facebook-sida: Det kommer ett brev på posten till dig inom en snar framtid. Copyright & credit where credit´s due, dumbass.


Life as I once knew it
is no longer a part of me
I need no sleep, I feel no pain;
I am something that "should not be"

Because, though born a human
I´m now something obscene
A thing that didn´t stay quite dead
a rotting... flesh.. machine?

"Zombie" most would call me
and I guess that´s tried and true
But forget your morals - what happened to me
can happen to you, too

Though I confess, I do not know
what happened or why I changed
 - I died, got buried, then returned
Yes, I know, it sounds deranged!

But solemnly I swear: It´s true!
Eighteen years old and born again
And all it takes to keep me... alive
is the occasional brain

But worry not, I don´t want yours
you´re here to spread my story
No, I don´t mind, you keep your gun
It´s better safe than sorry...

And brace yourself, for when you hear
this tale I have to tell;
Your first impulse it might just be
to run like bloody Hell

Bit I digress, where to begin
this self-examination,
of one who died and then came back
and an abomination?

Av Christian - 14 oktober 2009 15:39

Ok, den här sortens enkla versmått är egentligen ingen utmaning längre,

texten kunde jag (nästan) lika gärna ha skrivit på gymnasiet, och det får mig

måhända att låta som en liten emo-tonåring...

..l men damnit, det är *kul* att skriva något mindre allvarligt ibland.


"What is Love?", you ask of me
and this is all I´ll say;
It´s a torment worse than cholera
anthrax or the plague!

You could say it´s like a virus
mysterious and strange
You catch it in some unknown way
and then you start to change;

Your feelings start to run amok
to reason you can´t be bothered
And all you have of common sense
is beaten down and smothered

As your intellect will vanish
so soon will all every friend;
´cause love, though meant to be uniting
leaves you lonely in the end

You´ll end up listnening to The Smiths
all pent-up in your room
Best heed my warning, dearest friend
and best you heed it soon;

Love drives you to insanity
it suffocates your mind
And though it might be nice at first,
Love is never kind.

Av Christian - 1 oktober 2009 15:31

October; time now

for souls to return to us

this night of Samhain


Och dessutom är jag på desperat jakt efter spelet

"Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords"

till XBox, så om nån sitter på det och vill sälja det, hör av er via mailen

hemlox [snabel-a] hotmail . com

Av Christian - 4 september 2009 10:30

We have been running for years now.

Men, women, children

always running

seeking shelter

seeking refuge

from a world gone mad.

Whoever it was that said

´you can run, but you can never hide´

if only he had known

that he spoke

not mere words

but prophecy!

It was fifteen years ago today.

Fifteen years since the American Dream

turned into a nightmare

and the population of an entire continent

became no more... oh dear God...

became no more than food.

Food, for the dead!


A decade and a half has passed slowly

and though I pray to forget

I still remember the beginning.

And such a beginning it was

as it brought the end

of all we knew

as a people

as individuals


I lost my family in the first days

The surreal, fragmentetd days

when confusion, doubt and anger

was gradually distilled

into the purest, most ancient of emotions;


Av Christian - 2 september 2009 12:12

September; harvest

Fruit and feelings ripening

In the fading sun

Av Christian - 25 augusti 2009 12:55

(Work in progress/unifinished crap. Du bestämer. )

They say that the gods visit with madness
those whome they wish to destroy
A curse meant for terror, of that I am sure
but for me it brings freedom and joy!

For I know that the world is but a mirage
made to keep os secure, safe and well
The most rigid of shackles, an illusory bond
 - You don´t know it but you´re all trapped in hell!

But I´ve learned how to see through this obscuring mist
how to tear this black veil from my eyes
How to see and to hear what most other cannot
abd to differ the Thruth from the Lies!

Copyrightskyddad. Jag äter  din förstfödda om du stjäler.

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