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Av Christian - 18 december 2012 13:37

(Som alltid: copyright C. Landgren 2012 -> )

I woke one Christmas morning
and the snow fell mixed with soot,
I went outside to try to see
whatever was afoot

With my eyes up to the sky
I saw the strangest sight;
wreathéd in a cloud of steam
was S:t Nicks brand new flight


His reindeers full of clockwork
their eyes all glowing red;
and Rudolfs nose it did the same
though they were all undead

And forced to draw a mighty sled
throughout the winter skies;
their boilers fed by blackest coal
 - though dead, they´ll never die


And in the sled a great lord sat
 - He was a frightful sight!
Driving like a man possessed
all through his endless night

From house to house he´s speeding
borne on steal and steam;
 - Pretty scary but benevolent
this full-filler of dreams


he´s buildt the slead he´s driving
and all the presents too;
and though he is a gentleman
he´s -always- watching you!

to know if you´ve been naughty
or if you have been nice;
and if you should be punished
or get his finest price


made by his skilled tinker-hands
of clockwork, springs and cogs
and his reward the faith we show
with misteltoe and yuletide logs

So this one night let yourself believe;
be glad, rejoice, get drunk
´cause from the North there comes a man
no logic can debunk;

 - Our Santa now is dressed in brown
his tailored suit patterned with gears
so raise a toast to nostalgia
and have a steampunk Christmas the year!

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