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Av Christian - 27 september 2012 18:18

I was in a spot of trouble back in 1886
flat out broke in ragged clothes and shoes that´d sprung a-leak
having run afoul of villains full of truly wicked tricks
and my days lately turned into an endless hide-and-seek

By the Queen condemned "a heretic, fit to burn at the stake"
just because my research was something she had not seen before
I was trying to improve the life of Man, for goodness sake!
though I should perhaps not uncovered that ill-begotten lore...

But for the chance try if only for a single time
what good old Victor did in that experiment of his;
to take whats gone to to rot in some old coffin six feet down
and bring to life once more for science and by lightnings´ kiss!

(to be cont.)

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