Alla inlägg under mars 2012

Av Christian - 12 mars 2012 14:55

Delar av sångtexter som troligen inte kommer att skrivas klart inom överskådlig framtid


I´ve been walking alone for a thousand miles
my shoes are worn out
and I´ve lost my way

The path is geting lost in a tangle
my map is in tatters
and my mind in a haze

I´m tired of listening to my own voice
I´ve sung all my songs
for no one to hear

I´ve broken and thrown away my  compass
it told me to ´go back´
 - the one place I fear


Sing me a lullaby, rock me to sleep
send me to rest in the ocean deep,
feed it your tears and hold nothing back
scatter your flowers on it´s surface black;


When you feel like you are standing
too close to the very edge
when the shadows all grow deeper
and perdition looms ahead;

you will find me right there, waiting
holding forth a map and candle
and though life will surely beat us down
it´s nothing we can´t handle;


How can I come to be the one
you see when you can´t sleep at night
when you lie awake and wish for

... something

someone to hold you and
someone to drive the ghosts away?

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