Alla inlägg den 15 december 2011

Av Christian - 15 december 2011 16:58

[I likhet med förra inlägget är jag lite osäker på om detta lagts upp tidigare.

Gamla rader som grävts fram och förbättrats (?)]


Red and gray soaks into the cloth and flesh and carpet
Tang of metal, salt, oil
Flows from your mouth like the Styx at dusk.

Glide across the room
silent rustling of cloth on flesh on carpet
sit on the bed.

Stand up slowly
Wait for the world to follow
Turn your head, see the colors smear.

Reach down to your pants
Slide the barrel out
run your fingers; chamber and shaft

Neon yellow and black pictures
run through your head as you
touch it and think of the future

Slide it in your mouth
Warm from transferred heat
Tongue flicks over it, exploring...

The rain outside patters down,
watering the unkempt lawn,
soaking away the pain of a decade.

Droplets on the window
inside and out
Rainbow of colors from reflected light
and stains of a life.

Eye twitch.
Muscle spasm.

Lead ejaculation.

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