Alla inlägg under augusti 2011

Av Christian - 29 augusti 2011 16:26

Since my early teens I´ve known something was missing
something that I wanted but could never get,
 - A man with two identities, a costume and a mask
that everyone else had heard of but never met

When my pals were out romancing their new girldfriends
I felt no love but for my Marvel Comic mag´s,
wherein the pages of resided all the boys I dreamed about
be they blue-furred, made of steel, in radiant capes or simple rags

They were mutants, monsters, accidents of science
out to make the world a slightly better place,
and while I myself was struggling with my daily life and school
they´d be protecting Earth from yet another hostile alien race

or maybe fighting off another villain just as strong as them
who´d be held up in his lair with dreadful traps in its dark nooks;
and the fights they would on just like so many times before
while I was stuck at home, alone, exept for my beloved books

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