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Av Christian - 29 juni 2011 18:41

[och jag ber om ursäkt för nödrimmet på slutet]

Yes, I´m ready and I´m waiting for my rescuer to come;
my captain in his starship that has seen the furthest star
I´d hitch-hike from one end to th´next of our known Universe
and I know wherever we may go, we can never go too far

And I might be swept off my feet, and of the face of the Earth
by Janeway, captain Mal, Picard or even Han Solo;
Either will be fine and more, they´re heroes one and all long as I´ll never be left with Ripley, on The Nostromo

forts. följer

Av Christian - 22 juni 2011 15:12

The time has come for me to say goodbye to Mother Earth
 - it´s been my dream for many years to leave this place behind
to take that leap beyond the skies into the great unknown
to sail the sea between the stars and see what I may find

For the sights I´ve yet to see are vast and endless
the multiverse is stranger than one man can ever know
 -  an infinite amount of worlds are waiting to be seen
and I am ready now, just say the word and I will go

I´ve packed my bags with everything I think that I might need
 - my boots, by books, my music and a bottle of red wine
and if the worlds I reach at least won´t be much worse than this
I know within my heart and soul that I will be just fine...

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