Alla inlägg under april 2011

Av Christian - 11 april 2011 14:12

[Glömde lägga upp den här igår, så jag kompenserar med två verser idag istället]

An age of waiting

Each day longer than the next

Please, grant me this wish;

To be with you now

Closeness, comfort and courage

Born from your smile only

Av Christian - 6 april 2011 18:49

To be - if only for this once - in Your power.
All my protective walls down, all long-locked doors open.
My shield and my sword at Your feet.
And me,  surrendered to You.

The night would pass.
We would doze off,
only to awaken; renewed.

Tangled sheets, tangled limbs,
caressed by cool breezes from the window we forgot to close.

As I stretch - try to strech -
and shake the sleep from my mind; Realization
and remembering.

I am - if only for this once - in Your power.
My wrists bound.
The silken belt of my robe
marrying my hands to the bedposts.

A moment of pain. A sharp breath
and I hear You waking up as well.

You untie the knots.
Gentle hands slowly moving,
and as I remove my blindfold
the first thing I see;

Your eyes,
emeralds in morning sun;
and Your smile.

Av Christian - 3 april 2011 14:26

Worn sheets, empty bed

Waking from a dream of You;

Wishing to return

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