Alla inlägg den 3 mars 2011

Av Christian - 3 mars 2011 16:18

[Svar på en forum-utmaning om att skriva ny text till en given melodi, i det här fallet Emilie Autumns "4 o´ Clock"]

Hoist the sails

Hoist the sails

It is time to fiiiiiiiiight

Feel your hot blood flow

give your foes a mighty blow

see them flee and scream in fear

´tis the last of them we´ll hear

so hoist the sails!


Hoist the sails

Hoist the sails

We´ll blow out their liiiiiiights

All their power´s of no use

and this war they´ll surely loose

we´ll kick their collective caboose

so hoist the sails!


So load all our cannons and aim them well

Send our enemies down to Hell!

Prisoners they will be sold for rum

´cause that is what makes us fight oh-so-well


Our sense of adventure brings victory

it keeps us forever both wild and free!

Greater than all of it´s parts is our sum

and we´l roam the seas for eternity... Hoist. The. Sails!

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