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"I was a teen-age zombie" [part 1]

Av Christian - 17 oktober 2009 17:35

Halloween närmar sig med stormsteg, därav denna nödrimmande och inte på något sätt seriösa monstrositet.

Och till dig som trodde att jag inte skulle hitta verser från mitt förra inlägg på din Facebook-sida: Det kommer ett brev på posten till dig inom en snar framtid. Copyright & credit where credit´s due, dumbass.


Life as I once knew it
is no longer a part of me
I need no sleep, I feel no pain;
I am something that "should not be"

Because, though born a human
I´m now something obscene
A thing that didn´t stay quite dead
a rotting... flesh.. machine?

"Zombie" most would call me
and I guess that´s tried and true
But forget your morals - what happened to me
can happen to you, too

Though I confess, I do not know
what happened or why I changed
 - I died, got buried, then returned
Yes, I know, it sounds deranged!

But solemnly I swear: It´s true!
Eighteen years old and born again
And all it takes to keep me... alive
is the occasional brain

But worry not, I don´t want yours
you´re here to spread my story
No, I don´t mind, you keep your gun
It´s better safe than sorry...

And brace yourself, for when you hear
this tale I have to tell;
Your first impulse it might just be
to run like bloody Hell

Bit I digress, where to begin
this self-examination,
of one who died and then came back
and an abomination?

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17 oktober 2009 18:02

WTF?! ngn som har rippat dig? Plagiat skall ju vara en av de högsta formerna av smicker. =)

    Kom ihåg mig



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