Alla inlägg den 14 oktober 2009

Av Christian - 14 oktober 2009 15:39

Ok, den här sortens enkla versmått är egentligen ingen utmaning längre,

texten kunde jag (nästan) lika gärna ha skrivit på gymnasiet, och det får mig

måhända att låta som en liten emo-tonåring...

..l men damnit, det är *kul* att skriva något mindre allvarligt ibland.


"What is Love?", you ask of me
and this is all I´ll say;
It´s a torment worse than cholera
anthrax or the plague!

You could say it´s like a virus
mysterious and strange
You catch it in some unknown way
and then you start to change;

Your feelings start to run amok
to reason you can´t be bothered
And all you have of common sense
is beaten down and smothered

As your intellect will vanish
so soon will all every friend;
´cause love, though meant to be uniting
leaves you lonely in the end

You´ll end up listnening to The Smiths
all pent-up in your room
Best heed my warning, dearest friend
and best you heed it soon;

Love drives you to insanity
it suffocates your mind
And though it might be nice at first,
Love is never kind.

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