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Av Christian - 4 september 2009 10:30

We have been running for years now.

Men, women, children

always running

seeking shelter

seeking refuge

from a world gone mad.

Whoever it was that said

´you can run, but you can never hide´

if only he had known

that he spoke

not mere words

but prophecy!

It was fifteen years ago today.

Fifteen years since the American Dream

turned into a nightmare

and the population of an entire continent

became no more... oh dear God...

became no more than food.

Food, for the dead!


A decade and a half has passed slowly

and though I pray to forget

I still remember the beginning.

And such a beginning it was

as it brought the end

of all we knew

as a people

as individuals


I lost my family in the first days

The surreal, fragmentetd days

when confusion, doubt and anger

was gradually distilled

into the purest, most ancient of emotions;


Av Christian - 2 september 2009 12:12

September; harvest

Fruit and feelings ripening

In the fading sun

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