Alla inlägg den 25 augusti 2009

Av Christian - 25 augusti 2009 12:55

(Work in progress/unifinished crap. Du bestämer. )

They say that the gods visit with madness
those whome they wish to destroy
A curse meant for terror, of that I am sure
but for me it brings freedom and joy!

For I know that the world is but a mirage
made to keep os secure, safe and well
The most rigid of shackles, an illusory bond
 - You don´t know it but you´re all trapped in hell!

But I´ve learned how to see through this obscuring mist
how to tear this black veil from my eyes
How to see and to hear what most other cannot
abd to differ the Thruth from the Lies!

Copyrightskyddad. Jag äter  din förstfödda om du stjäler.

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