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Rubrik saknas

Av Christian - 9 november 2008 14:02

... och fredagens evighetslånga tågresor hade i alla fall *EN* liten positiv inverkan, i att man kan sitta och skriva massa nonsens att försöka destillera fram något vettigt ur när man väl är hemma igen.

Ännu ett "work in progress" som sannolikt kommerr att bli liggande ett par år innan det avslutas, men håll till godo.

"I met the Devil the other day"

I met the devil the other day
 - a man in a suit of a blinding white
He looked like a fairy-tale´s favourite uncle
but gave me a terrible fright

His eyes were the blue of the midsummer sky
but colder than deepest space;
They looked like to pieces of the absolute zero
somehow stuck in a human face

And to think that His smile was more terrible still
 - Every tooth like a shining dagger!
He tiped his hat as He saw me stare
and approached with a self-assured swagger

[to be cont.]

Copyright: Landgren 2008 ->


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