Alla inlägg den 14 september 2008

Av Christian - 14 september 2008 16:03

Summers´ End;

winds that bite, no longer soothing

a frailty of leaves and hearts;

both now red,

no longer sheltered by warmth

but  exposed,


Summers´ End;

the final harvest, the final sun

a ripening of fruit and feelings;

both now precious,

no longer to be left untroubled

but valued,


Summers´ End;

the days go by, the nights walk slowly

a darkening of sky and senses;

both now terrible

but also hiding their treasures

not feared,


Summers´ End;

Let your killing frost bring life anew.

[Som vanligt gäller Copyright,

och jag äter din förstfödda om du stjäler mina ord]

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