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Jag kan förklara!!!

Av Christian - 7 juni 2008 19:18

A. och jag satt och jäste efter middagen och var i akut behov av sysselsättning. Då det var något för tidigt för att börja dricka kom idén upp om ännu en ABC-dikt... den här gångenpå ett något mer barnförbjudet tema.

Ni har blivit varnade, och mitt enda försvar är jag under timmarna det tagit att skriva den blivit mer och mer onykter:

Anal sex is really something for him and her both
B for the beads that may be used for above
Cunnilingus comes next, a word fit for prose
Domination then, is the dark side of love

Electric shocks for some makes the blood hotter run
F is for fisting, for leather-men mostly
Group sex well then, come in and join the fun
Handjobs are simple and not really costly

Insertions in holes with all kinds of tools
Jail well you know; take care in the shower
Kamasutra positions; you´ll look like a fool
Lashings and whippings to show who´s in power

Masochism; when you know your proper place
Nails for the drawing of blood with more ease
Obedience; it may be trained in vastly different ways
Pederasty sounds quite nasty but worked well in Greece

Qing Dynasty men bound the feet of their girls
Rimming: for when you are down on all fours
Shot after shot gives a necklace of pearls
Tantric sex a legacy of really ancient lore

Underwear, when used, might actually fit in here
Vacuum pumping certainly is not a thing for me
Wet is pretty popular but also kind of queer
X marks the spot commonly known as "

... förlåt.

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