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Av Christian - 19 maj 2008 14:15

Har FÖR mycket att göra på jobbet just nu, och vad händer?

Jo, min hjärna drar i nödbomsen och ropar in min uttråkade musa, som sedemera går bärsärkagång med kreativitets-receptorerna (ja, jag vet att dom inte finns på rikrigt...) och börjar producera perverterade versioner av barnboks-rim.

 Inte helt klart ännu, men here goes:


 Asphyxiation takes some time, and leaves you kind of blue

Boredom on the other hand leaves not a trace on you

Cyanide it might be quick, but really hard to buy

Decapitation´s pretty much the surest way to die

Electrocution does the trick far over in the States

Gangrene, well…it will do too if treated far too late

Hypothermia´s not all bad, so take a winter bath

Intravenous poisoning likewise a well-trod path

Jumping from a building high will make a mess of you

Kamikaze-flying worked quite well in World War Two

Lethal injections, a massive selection, which puts you in the ground

Maiming, then, makes sure there´s lot´s of you to go around

Necrosis from a spider bite, may kill and does look nasty

Overdose make be you fate, if in love with King Opium, and hasty

Pentothal will put you under, now that is tried and true

Quaaludes to will grant a sleep, from which they can´t wake you

Razorblades, now just remember; cut not across but along

Suicide if not yet plain, the reason for this song

Tripping, falling, down a stair may leave you pretty broken


Venomous scorpions, spiders and snakes do lot´s of people in

Weapons; use them on yourself cause all else is a sin


Yellow fever

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19 maj 2008 15:13

*visslar och känner mig sjukt imponerad*

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19 maj 2008 19:33

Nja, så imponerande tycker jag nog inte den här lilla monstrositeten är... men det *var* roligt att knåpa ihop den :)

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19 maj 2008 19:52

Snälla, när jag börjar få syskonbarn, skriv en bok med barnrim att ge dem. Så illustrerar jag, mwhaha.

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